Alex Ryvchin to speak at B’nai B’rith about “The Anti-Israel Agenda”

ECAJ Public Affairs Director, Alex Ryvchin, will speak about his book The Anti-Israel Agenda, later this month at the B’nai B’rith Centre as a guest of B’nai B’rith NSW and Kangarusski. 

Bringing together the finest minds devoted to the Arab-Israeli conflict, including Alan Dershowitz, Alan Johnson, Col. Richard Kemp, and Hillel Neuer, this powerful and timely exposé reveals how the conflict with Israel has shifted from the battlefield to become both a global and local war, fought in the corridors of power, in the media we consume, the campuses we attend, and in every forum that touches our lives.

Engrossing and authoritative, The Anti-Israel Agenda is essential to understanding war and conflict it today’s Middle East. It is on its second print run on Amazon, after selling out; and is on sale online and in bookshops around the world.

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Anti-Israel Agenda Book Event JPG