Vehicular Terrorist Attack In Jerusalem


9 January 2017


From Anton Block, President, and Peter Wertheim, Executive Director:

We are shocked and appalled by the terrorist attack in Jerusalem on Sunday, during which a Palestinian terrorist rammed a truck into a group of soldiers at a popular promenade in the city’s south. It has been reported that the driver accelerated as he struck the group, then reversed to run over the victims a second time.

Four young Israelis are dead and sixteen others are injured. The dead are Erez Orbach, 20, Shir Hajaj, 22, Shira Zur, 20 and Yael Yekutiel, 20.

The Australian Jewish community shares the sorrow, grief and anger caused by this barbaric crime and we pray for the souls of the murdered and for their families to be granted strength at this terrible time.

We thank the Australian Ambassador to Israel, Dave Sharma for his immediate, unequivocal and heartfelt condemnation of the terrorist attack and for his support for the people of Israel.

We are also appalled by the events that immediately followed this attack. As has become routine, Hamas praised the attack as “heroic”, the Fatah movement of the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas labeled the terrorist a “martyr”, while in Gaza, sweets were handed out to celebrate the atrocity. These acts of glorification of terror and incitement to further violence must stop.

We wish long life to the families of the victims. May the memories of their loved ones be a blessing. We pray that peace can swiftly and permanently return to the holy city of Jerusalem.


Peter Wertheim AM | Executive Director

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