MEDIA RELEASE: Australia voting in support of Israel in the UNHRC

The follow media release concerns Australia’s recent voting in the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in support of Israel.



Anton Block, President
27 March, 2018

Australia voting in support of Israel in the UNHRC

The conclusion of the UNHRC’s main session for 2018 with 1 resolution on North Korea, 1 resolution on Iran, 2 resolutions on Syria and 5 resolutions condemning Israel tells a familiar story of UN ineptitude and bias.

Once again, a UN body has betrayed the aggrieved peoples of the world by choosing to privilege the Palestinian cause above all others for the sole reason that it presents an opportunity to condemn the Jewish state.

However, as Australians we can take immense pride in the fact that our government chose to stand apart from this absurd spectacle and voted ‘no’ on every one of the 5 anti-Israel resolutions.

This is a measure of Australian decency, moral clarity, and support for its friends and allies in hostile forums. We extend our sincerest gratitude to the Australian Government for standing with Israel and opposing the rank hypocrisy practised by the UNHRC.

Anton Block | ECAJ President
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