MEDIA RELEASE: ECAJ condemns Hezbollah’s violation of Israeli sovereignty

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ECAJ condemns Hezbollah’s violation of Israeli sovereignty

10 December 2018

The Executive Council of Australian Jewry, the peak representative body of the Australian Jewish community, is deeply concerned by the discovery of tunnels constructed by the Lebanese terrorist organisation, Hezbollah, which violate the Israel-Lebanon border and penetrate deep into what is internationally recognised as sovereign Israeli territory.

The presence of these tunnels demonstrates that Israel is right to take measures against Hezbollah’s repeated threats of war and territorial conquest. In doing so, Israel is protecting both its own citizens and Lebanon’s civilian population from further needless violence and loss.

In its aggressive, unlawful incursion into Israeli territory, Hezbollah is acting as a proxy for the Iranian regime, which is a threat not only to Israel but to the entire region. 

We commend Israel for its restraint in response to this clear violation of its territorial integrity, and international law and norms, and expect that the Israeli Government will continue to take the necessary action to protect its people. 

We understand that the Australian Ambassador to Israel was part of a delegation of Ambassadors who inspected an uncovered Hezbollah tunnel encroaching into Israel. We trust that this experience will serve to deepen Australia’s appreciation of the unparalleled threats to civilian life that Israel has to contend with, and we expect that the international community will be united in condemning Hezbollah and its patron, Iran for this latest act of aggression.

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