MEDIA RELEASE: Australia accepted as full member of IHRA

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Australia accepted as full member of IHRA

By the Expert Members of the Australian Delegation to IHRA

5 June 2019

Late on Tuesday night, 4 June 2019, Australia was admitted to full membership of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) following a unanimous vote of the plenary in Luxembourg. Australia is the 33rd State to achieve full membership.  This has been a four-year process supported by the United Kingdom, as Australia’s mentor, led by Lord Eric Pickles.

IHRA is the international and intergovernmental body promoting Holocaust education, remembrance and research and countering antisemitism, racism and anti-Roma and Sinti prejudice.  IHRA grew out of the Stockholm Declaration, an initiative of the Swedish government to ensure that countries remember and educate their citizens about the Holocaust and its universal messages.

Over the period of Australia’s involvement, we have seen the adoption of the working definition of antisemitism by IHRA, the European Union, and a range of national governments and organisations around the world, including the National Union of Students in Australia.

Now that Australia is a full member, with a seat at the table, we are able to fully participate in IHRA’s efforts to formulate policies, plans and programs advancing Holocaust education, commemoration and research. This is particularly important given the large number of Holocaust survivors and their descendants in Australia. Membership also provides a mandate to further enhance Australia’s efforts in Holocaust education and commemoration with the support through IHRA of leading experts from around the world.

The Australian government’s commitment to IHRA enjoys bi-partisan support and is facilitated through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). The Head of the Australian delegation is Lynette Wood, Ambassador to Germany.  After the acceptance at the plenary, she read a statement from Foreign Minister, Senator Marise Payne, and conveyed the Australian government’s appreciation of the support of the UK delegation, led by Lord Pickles, and the passion and dedication of the Australian expert delegation. She also noted that Australia was the first Indo-Pacific nation to join IHRA.

The IHRA chair, Georges Santer, welcomed Australia bringing the fifth continent into the organisation and commended Australia on its participation.



From l to r: Dr Steven Cooke, Professor Emerita Suzanne Rutland OAM, Dr Avril Alba, Dr Donna-Lee Frieze, Amb. Lynette Wood, Lord Eric Pickles, Pauline Rockman OAM, Ciaran Chestnutt, DFAT, Sue Hampel OAM and Dr Andre Oboler.


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