The ECAJ is the Australian Affiliate of:

The ECAJ is the Australian Observer at:

The ECAJ’s Constituents are:

  • The Jewish Community Council of Victoria Inc.
  • The New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies
  • The Jewish Community Council of Western Australia Inc.
  • The Queensland Jewish Board of Deputies
  • The Jewish Community Council of South Australia
  • The Hobart Hebrew Congregation Inc.
  • The ACT Jewish Community Inc.

The ECAJ’s Affiliates are:

The ECAJ’s Observer Organisations are:

  • Council of Orthodox Synagogues of Australia
  • Council of Progressive Rabbis
  • Federation of Australian Jewish Ex-Service Associations
  • The New Zealand Jewish Council
  • The Zionist Federation of Australia

The ECAJ is a partner in:

The ECAJ participates in:

  • Human Rights consultations hosted by the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Department of the Attorney-General.