ABC response to ECAJ complaint: Radio Interview of Orly Noy

July 29th, 2019

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The ABC has responded to the Executive Council of Australian Jewry’s (ECAJ) complaint concerning the interview of Orly Noy and Sara Saleh on 8 July 2019. The ABC has acknowledged that the interview was not in keeping with the their editorial standards for accuracy:

“In light of your concerns, we have sought information from ABC News and assessed the content against the ABC’s editorial standards for accuracy and impartiality. Audience and Consumer Affairs have concluded that the broadcast omitted material context and therefore was not in keeping with the ABC’s editorial standards for accuracy.

On a number of occasions during the interview Ms Orly claimed that Mizrahi Jews are still at the bottom of the social, economical (sic), political hierarchy in Israel …”. While there are claims of discrimination towards Mizrahi Jews, it is also well documented that Mizrahi Jews have been and continue to be prominent in Israeli society, including in politics, business and the military. A Editor’s Note has been appended to the online version of the story to note this fact (

On impartiality, I understand that the ABC’s Acting Executive Producer Emily Bourke has spoken to you personally, and advised that Israel’s Deputy Chief of Mission Ron Gerstenfeld agreed to an interview to respond to the issues raised by Ms Noy and Ms Saleh. This interview took place in the same time slot and was of a similar duration as the interviews of 8 July, and is available here: The Editor’s Note appended to the broadcast of 8 July also provides a link to this interview.

Audience and Consumer Affairs are satisfied that the actions taken by the program have resolved your concerns regarding the undue favouring of a particular viewpoint, and the lack of a diversity of perspectives.

ABC News apologise for this lapse. Additionally, summaries of this finding will be published on the ABC website and reported to the ABC Board.  Should you be dissatisfied with this response to your complaint, you may be able to pursue the matter with the Australian Communications and Media Authority

Thank you again for bringing this matter to the attention of the ABC.”

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