Australian Jewish Democratic Society (‘AJDS’)

April 5th, 2013

28th March 2013
Dr Danny Lamm and Peter Wertheim, the President and the Executive Director of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, sharply criticized the call by the Australian Jewish Democratic Society for a boycott of products from the West Bank, describing it as “a misguided and empty gesture that will be completely rejected by the vast majority of people in the Jewish community, and by fair-minded people everywhere.”
According to Lamm and Wertheim, “the AJDS has succumbed to the myth that settlements are the major impediment to Middle East peace. That notion has been thoroughly discredited, as has the idea that a boycott of any kind can make a constructive contribution to peace between Israel and the Palestinians.”
Asked whether the AJDS should remain formally affiliated with the Jewish community, Lamm and Wertheim said, “the AJDS campaign is repugnant to the strong anti-BDS policies of every Jewish communal roof body in Australia, and to the ECAJ platform of support for Israel and its legitimacy as the State of the Jewish people. In those circumstances, it is hypocritical for the AJDS to maintain its affiliation with the Jewish Community Council of Victoria. If the motive for continuing that affiliation is to preserve the appearance that the AJDS is a legitimate part of the mainstream Jewish community, then its behaviour is also misleading. The AJDS should not remain a part of the JCCV while it pursues policies that are so fundamentally at odds with those of the JCCV and the ECAJ.”

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