#DebateWithoutHate: Report offensive online material HERE

October 3rd, 2017

The ECAJ is a supporter of The ‘Debate Without Hate’ Campaign, organised by the Online Hate Prevention Institute in conjunction with the La Trobe Agency.

Have you seen bullying of individuals or harassment of groups in society during online discussions about the same sex marriage postal survey?

If so, please use the reporting mechanism below to report the material by posting the URL of the post, comment, video or tweet into the box and clicking submit! #DebateWithoutHate

The #DebateWithoutHate campaign is a campaign to counter the bullying, harassment, vilification, bigotry and hate speech which is being expressed online as a result of the public debate around the same sex marriage postal survey.
Examples reported will be viewed and processed by the ECAJ, and also used by OHPI to create public education resources. These resources will show examples of reported content and discuss where the content may cross the line into hate. The authors of the content will be anonymised – the aim is not to expose people but to help the public understand what sort of content is causing distress in the community so they can speak out when they see similar content.