ECAJ statement on US President-elect Joe Biden

November 9th, 2020

The Executive Council of Australian Jewry has issued a statement following the successful campaign which will see Democrat U.S. President-elect Joe Biden taking up residence in the White House on January 20.

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President-elect Biden has a long and affectionate relationship with the major Jewish representative bodies in the United States and a sincere fondness for the State of Israel. Every major Jewish communal leader in the US has heard Mr Biden’s warm recollections of meeting Golda Meir and is aware of his steadfast support for Israel over his long political career.

The US-Israel partnership is a bulwark of Middle-East stability and the recent cessation of hostilities between Israel and Sudan and peace accords with the UAE and Bahrain are products of the strength of US-Israel relations and of the treatment of Israel by the US, not as a mere party to a conflict but as a friend and crucial ally.

We sincerely hope that the Biden-Harris Administration will advance its predecessors’ profoundly important advancements toward securing Israeli-Arab peace, and ending the cycle of war, misery and missed opportunities. We hope also that the new administration will fully grasp the malevolence of the Iranian regime and will avoid any steps that would empower the regime economically or diplomatically which would imperil the entire region.

We will eagerly await the appointments to key positions that impact on the peace and security of Israel, particularly the positions of Secretary of State and Ambassador to the United Nations. Most of all, we look to a Biden Administration not only to deepen bipartisan support for Israel but also to foster a new national cohesion that will counter the rise of antisemitism and other forms of extremism in the US and enable the United States to thrive and inspire others for the good of all humanity.

Alex Ryvchin | co-CEO
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