ECAJ Welcomes Abandonment of BDS by Greens

December 6th, 2011

ECAJ welcomes NSW Greens decision to abandon official support for BDS – calls for ‘more mature and measured attitude’
The decision by the NSW Greens to drop their earlier resolutions calling for a boycott of Israel is welcome but does not go far enough. Their new resolution still refers to boycotting Israel as ‘a legitimate tactic’ when events over the last 12 months have demonstrated that the BDS campaign is ultimately an attempt to orchestrate across-the-board hatred of all things Israeli. It is anything but legitimate.
The NSW Greens’ new resolution is full of biased statements that lack nuance or an understanding that Israel and Israelis face very real threats to their existence and are entitled to defend themselves. The NSW Greens’ sanctimonious call on ‘the Israeli state’ (sic) to respect international law and human rights norms would be more fairly directed at those who continue to pledge themselves to Israel’s destruction and thereby perpetuate the basic cause of the conflict.
The blinkered one-sidedness of the NSW Greens on the whole issue reflects their current amateurishness and ignorance on foreign policy.
There is also a complete failure to recognise that some statements attacking Israel do indeed cross the line into antisemitism, and to reject and condemn such statements.
There is tellingly a lack of recognition that any just and sustainable peace must be based on the principle of two States for two peoples.
We can only encourage the NSW Greens to take further steps going forward to adopt a more mature and measured attitude towards this issue. I hope they do. I believe we can help them do it.