Jewish Advocacy & Leadership Corps is a premier membership network that empowers leaders with knowledge and skills to drive action across the various platforms available within their organisation or professional role.

The program brings together a group of diverse emerging leaders to engage with current and relevant themes affecting the future of the community.

The Corps will cultivate, connect, up-skill and inspire high potential candidates for positions of leadership in the Jewish community.



The Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAJ) is the peak national representative body of the Australian Jewish community. Since 1944, it has served as the authentic, mainstream voice of Australian Jews on every issue of critical importance to Australian and world Jewry.

ECAJ is the Australian Affiliate to the World Jewish Congress (WJC) The Jewish Advocacy & Leadership Corps is a project of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry and aims to identify and nurture outstanding young professionals in our community and prepare them for senior leadership and advocacy opportunities.


Skills Development

Attain new advocacy & leadership skills for your personal tool box that will strengthen your confidence to shape conversation about the issues impacting world Jewry and our local Jewish community; covering digital advocacy, story telling, public speaking, op-ed writing, media relations.

Personal Leadership Growth

Develop self awareness, and learn to articulate your Jewish story. Explore your future as a Jewish leader & your potential as an initiator of change. Understand the role of relationships in effective advocacy, engaging others to activate change. Take advantage of sponsorship from senior communal leaders to help take steps on your pathway.

A Leadership Cohort

Create meangingful connections with like minded leaders from across Australia. Opportunity to leverage the cohort and their connections as a platform to identify opportunities that will help you strive towards realisation of communal aspirations. Benefit from frameworks to encourage knowledge sharing, ideas and articles.

Knowledge Development

Elevate your theoretical knowledge. Discuss, debate and tackle specific issues relating to our core themes.

Empowerment – Advocacy Initiatives

Put your learnings in action and drive implementation of projects/campaigns at a local level.

Overseas Conference / Professional Development Grants

Exclusive opportunity to apply to secure a grant to attend International premium conferences or training seminars.



Due to the national nature of the program, sessions will be delivered online via an interactive workshop format. We also aim to have some state based in person speakers series, conferences and networking added to the program in 2023.

Duration & Time Commitment:

  • Ongoing
  • 1-2 hours / month online programming

Corps membership includes:

  • Monthly interactive workshops
  • Guest speakers, roundtable forums and virtual programming
  • Learning materials
  • Access to “sponsorship placement” with a communal leader
  • Access to international thought leaders, experts and community leaders
  • Access to a network of fellow leaders
  • Access to World Jewish Congress Jewish Diplomatic Corps experts and communications; and
  • Access to “overseas conference/professional development grants”


  • Between 25- 40 years of age
    • Age exceptions may be granted on a case-by-case basis
  • May be alumni of other existing communal leadership programs
  • Have demonstrated outstanding leadership and advocacy potential
  • Have an affinity for some or all of the following:
    • Jewish community
    • Israel
    • Fighting anti-Semitism
    • Holocaust remembrance
    • Politics
    • Human rights
    • Interfaith relations
  • Demonstrate a growth mindset

To apply you must also:

  • Have the ability to commit to the monthly workshops
  • Have capacity to put your learning into practice by implementing actions back in your community
  • Be open to cross-communal projects/campaigns for the benefit of the Australian Jewish community

For more information contact

Kareen Neumann, Project Manager