Malka Leifer extradition case in Israel

May 27th, 2020

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The ruling by the Jerusalem District Court that Malka Leifer is mentally fit to stand trial marks a long-awaited and long-overdue milestone in the quest to bring her to face justice in Australia.

Six years after Australia applied to extradite her, there are still legal hurdles to overcome.  The extradition hearing itself will now have to proceed in Israel and there will also be rights of appeal.   If the Israeli courts ultimately permit her extradition, there may be complications in transporting her to Australia due to the pandemic.  For far too long justice has been delayed and denied for Dassi Erlich, Nicole Meyer, Elly Sapper and Malka Leifer’s other alleged victims.  We have moved closer to that goal, but we are not there yet.

Throughout the Jewish community in Australia, and in the wider community, the latest court decision will be welcomed. It hopefully marks the end of the scandalous manoeuvrings that have marred the judicial process in Israel in this case: the unexplained reversals of testimony by Jerusalem District Psychiatrist Jacob Charnes about Malka Leifer’s mental fitness; the recommendation by Israeli police that Yaakov Litzman be charged with manipulating psychiatric evidence in the case while he was Israel’s Deputy Health Minister; the evidence that Malka Leifer has been malingering; and the seemingly never-ending rounds of psychiatric assessments.

Despite all the previous mis-steps and unwarranted delays, there is now optimism that justice will ultimately be done in this case.

Peter Wertheim | Co-CEO
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