MEDIA RELEASE: Australian rejection of UNHRC resolution on Israel-Gaza

May 22nd, 2018

The following media release concerns the recent vote in the UNHRC on a resolution concerning whether there should be an inquiry into recent events in Israel and Gaza.


Australian rejection of UNHRC resolution on Israel-Gaza

We commend the Australian Government for rejecting the UNHRC resolution calling for an inquiry into events at the Israel-Gaza security barrier. The Foreign Minister was correct in rejecting the terms of the resolution which pre-empted the outcome of the Inquiry, accusing Israel of “impunity”, “systematic failures”, and “intentionally targeting civilians”. UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein made similarly prejudicial statements in his address to the Council on May 18. No Inquiry can have any integrity if its conclusions have been pre-announced. The whole exercise is a polemical stunt to give the appearance of legitimacy and objectivity to blatantly one-sided political attacks on Israel.
This latest resolution continues in the tradition of the Goldstone Report and the Schabas Report, the central conclusions of which were widely discredited and subsequently retracted by the authors themselves, but only after Israel’s reputation had been falsely traduced.
The unusually high number of abstentions indicates that many other States were wary about joining the 25 dictatorships or semi-dictatorships among the Council’s 47 members in condemning Israel in advance of any Inquiry. Every democratic State needs to think carefully about what it would do differently to Israel if it were to face a comparable danger in the future. It takes courage and principle to stand apart from yet another of the Human Rights Council’s many travesties and we are proud of the Australian Government for doing so.
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