MEDIA RELEASE: Rocket attacks from Gaza

May 30th, 2018

The following media release concerns rocket attacks aimed at Israeli civilians from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip overnight. To download this media release in PDF format, click here.


Rocket attacks from Gaza

Anton Block, President
30 March, 2018

The Executive Council of Australian Jewry, the national representative body of the Australian Jewish community, is shocked and appalled by the firing of over 50 mortar rounds from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip targeted at Israeli civilian population centres in the country’s south. Israelis are reporting that the barrage is continuing at present with no sign of abating.
With only 15 seconds’ warning, hundreds of thousands of Israeli civilians are now desperately scrambling to bomb shelters and waiting in terror for news from their loved ones. Among the targets hit by the rocket fire was a kindergarten in the Eshkol regional community. A tunnel into Israel constructed by Palestinian terrorist groups near the Kerem Shalom humanitarian aid crossing was also uncovered by the Israel Defence Forces.
These are deliberate attacks aimed at civilians, and constitute a war crime. We welcome the statements of condemnation of this latest Palestinian escalation by the governments of Ireland, Italy, and the United States, among others.
We express our solidarity with the people of Israel in this difficult time and call on Australian politicians to condemn without equivocation or delay these gross violations by the Palestinians of the laws and norms of armed conflict and international humanitarian law.
We also call upon all sections of the media to report accurately on the targeting of civilians in Israel by Palestinian terrorist organisations in these latest rocket attacks, and not merely on Israel’s response to them.
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