MEDIA RELEASE: UN General Assembly Resolution on Gaza

June 14th, 2018

The following media release concerns a motion condemning Israel in the UN General Assembly, which Australia voted against. To download this media release in PDF format, click here.


UN General Assembly Resolution on Gaza

Anton Block, President
14 June, 2018

We commend the Foreign Minister and Australian Government for again standing with Israel and refusing to bow to the anti-Israel agenda of the sponsors of the motion in the General Assembly.
The resolution that was passed conspicuously failed to mention Hamas, while an amendment proposed by US Ambassador Nikki Haley, which condemned Hamas for its war crimes and violation of Israel’s sovereignty and territorial integrity was supported by a majority of members, but failed to be passed on procedural grounds.
By condemning Israel for its response to a violent, armed and coordinated attempt to infiltrate its territory and abduct and murder its citizens, the General Assembly has disgraced itself by siding with terrorists who cynically use ordinary Palestinians as human shields, and compromised the right of all States to exercise their inherent right of self-defence to protect their people and their territory.
We are proud as Australians to see our government resist this morally, legally and strategically bankrupt approach.
Peter Wertheim AM | Co-CEO
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Alex Ryvchin | Co-CEO
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