A Pictorial History of the Relationship Between Australia and Israel

August 28th, 2012

Sample from the document, a foreword from Minister for Foreign Affairs, Stephen Smith MP

Israel’s celebration of six decades of statehood offers an opportune moment to reflect on and celebrate the vitality of the Australia-Israel relationship – a relationship underpinned by strong community links, long-standing political friendship and increasingly robust economic and commercial ties. The Australian Parliament welcomed the 60th anniversary with a bi-partisan Parliamentary motion on 12 March 2008.

This publication presents a vivid and moving pictorial record of the strong and enduring relations between our two countries. Surveyed through four themes – shared history; a political commitment; people-to-people connections; and science, technology and trade – it details the national and individual contributions that have delivered a robust and positive bilateral exchange despite the geographic distance between our two countries.

The achievements celebrated in this book reflect Australia’s long-standing support for Israel in seeking peace in its region. The book reflects Australia’s historical and contemporary commitment to that objective.

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