MEDIA RELEASE: Michael Danby MP's decision to retire

July 6th, 2018

The following media release concerns Michael Danby MP’s retirement from Federal politics. To download this media release in PDF format, click here.


Michael Danby MP

5 July, 2018

Michael Danby’s decision to retire from Federal politics is sad news for his many friends and supporters. Since becoming the member for the Federal seat of Melbourne Ports in 1998, Michael has proven to be a politician with genuine convictions who places principle above all other considerations, even the advancement of his own career.
On parliamentary committees and in the media, he has been a fearless champion for the arts and for many human rights causes, most especially those which have not been fashionable or popular, or which have attracted the ire of powerful interests.
In his support for the restoration of Tibet’s statehood and sovereignty, Michael Danby did not hesitate to meet with the Tibetan leader, the Dalai Lama, despite the disapproval of certain politicians and bureaucrats who were frightened of offending the Chinese government.
Nor did Michael ever take a backward step in his passionate advocacy for Israel and the Jewish people, calling out prejudice and falsehoods emanating from any quarter, especially among Australia’s purported intellectual leaders.  For this Michael won the respect and affection not only of the Jewish community but of fair-minded Australians of all backgrounds.
Australia needs more conviction politicians of wit and intelligence like Michael.  His departure from the Federal parliament will leave a great void.
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