Stickers from Neo-Nazi group Antipodean Resistance appear around Bega in NSW

September 7th, 2018

The following article is from The Murray Valley Standard

Nazis told to stick it: ‘Stop the spread of the hatred’

Alasdair McDonald
The Murray Valley Standard
September 7, 2018
NSW Police have made an intelligence report after stickers openly espousing neo-Nazism appeared on prominent buildings across Bega over the weekend.
Police said a Carp St business owner contacted them after two Antipodean Resistance stickers were placed on their shop some time between 5pm on August 31 and 2pm on September 1.
“We are treating this as serious, and appealing for anyone with information to contact police,” a NSW Police spokesperson said.
This is not the white nationalist group’s first visit to the region. In February the group posted images on social media of posters on Bega High School and the office of Eden-Monaro MP Mike Kelly, whose wife is Jewish.
“Part of their program is to pursue the legalisation of the killing of Jews,” Dr Kelly said in Parliament after reporting the incident to federal police.
“This is happening in our country, as well as what we’ve seen manifesting overseas.”
The group, which openly targets the recruitment of young people and regularly hosts radicalisation camps, has stated it is inspired by foreign groups including UK terrorist organisation National Action.
Bega Valley resident Ian Campbell said he removed stickers from the recently unveiled refugee welcome sign outside the Bega library early Saturday morning.
“I appreciate people can be threatened by difference, but I believe our similarities are greater, and that opportunities to appreciate what we have in common ease those concerns,” Mr Campbell said.
“I took them off hoping to reduce the chances of people being hurt and upset by them.
“I was embarrassed by them and wanted to make sure those who put them there didn’t receive any further attention or encouragement.”
Research officer with the Executive Council of Australian Jewry Julie Nathan said the group mirrors terrorist group tactics of targeting “young men looking for purpose and meaning”.
“The NSW government recently amended the state’s criminal law to introduce the new offence of publicly threatening or inciting violence on the grounds of race, religion and sexual orientation,” she said.
“It is hoped that this law will prove to be an effective measure to stop the spread of the hatred and the promotion of violence by people such as members of Antipodean Resistance.
“Given the vile nature of Antipodean Resistance, and the violence and havoc the group would mete out if ever it gained a semblance of power or influence, Antipodean Resistance needs to be condemned from all quarters and to be exposed and brought to account.
“Those within Antipodean Resistance who incite violence, murder and genocide should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law,” Ms Nathan said.

Image: Bega Valley resident Ian Campbell removed stickers from the recently unveiled refugee welcome sign outside the Bega library. (Source: The Murray Valley Standard)