Tim Wilson MP condemns antisemitism in response to ECAJ Report

November 26th, 2019

Federal member for Goldstein, Tim Wilson MP, has delivered an important speech in parliament condemning antisemitism following the release of the ECAJ 2019 Antisemitism Report.

Read Tim Wilson’s speech to the House of representatives on 25.11.2019 in response to the ECAJ’s Annual report on Antisemitism in Australia by clicking here, at the bottom of page 172:

When we set the tone in this place we set the standard for the nation, and Australians look to us to find the courage and confidence to stand up and speak out, sometimes when it’s difficult. That includes confronting ourselves and holding a mirror up to the nation. So we say to racism across this country, and every other type of prejudice: it has no place in our great country.” – Tim Wilson, House of Representatives, 25.11.2019

To download this statement in PDF format, click here.

To download the ECAJ 2019 Antisemitism Report, click here.