FEDERAL ELECTION 2019: Spotlight on Wentworth

May 14th, 2019

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Where do the candidates stand on matters affecting the Jewish community?

As has been our practice for a number of years, the Executive Council of Australian Jewry wrote to the leaders of the Coalition, the Australian Labor Party and the Australian Greens ahead of the upcoming federal election seeking their positions on policies and issues of particular interest to the Australian Jewish community.

In addition to this, given that the seat of Wentworth has a sizeable Jewish community and a sitting member who does not belong to one of the parties surveyed, we also afforded the Member for Wentworth the opportunity to respond to our questionnaire.

Dr Kerryn Phelps (Independent)

The responses given by the Member for Wentworth, Dr Kerryn Phelps MP can be accessed here.

Dave Sharma (Liberal)

The Liberal Party responses can be accessed here.

Additionally, Mr Sharma provided this message to the Jewish community of Wentworth:

“I am proud of my track record from my time as Australia’s Ambassador to Israel from 2013 to 2017 and since in strengthening the relationship between Australia and Israel.

I can always be counted to stand up forcefully and passionately for Israel and Israel’s right to defend itself.

I will always call out anti-Semitism in all its manifestations firmly and promptly, and show zero tolerance towards it.

And I shall remain a steadfast support of the Jewish community and Jewish life in Australia, including protecting the community from threats and supporting institutions which foster Jewish communal life.”

Tim Murray (Labor)

The Labor Party responses can be accessed here.

Mr Murray also provided a message to the Jewish community of Wentworth:

“I am extremely proud of the role the Australian Labor Party has played for 70 years in the bipartisan recognition and support of the State of Israel, and in the right of Israelis and Jewish communities around the world to live in peace and security.

In my time as a candidate, I have learned first-hand from many in the community of the aspiration for Jerusalem to be recognised as the capital of Israel. While there are well known differences amongst the parties and candidates in the election as to how best this can be achieved, I believe that the majority of Australians, including myself, support this, and a peaceful path towards a two-state solution.

The overwhelming majority of Australians condemn the rising number of anti-Semitic attacks, including against Jewish schools, businesses and places of worship. As I have expressed previously, there must be a new urgency in how we address the tide of hate that is being directed at Jews around the world – hate and vilification which which is magnified, perpetuated and funded with the aid of social media and online platforms.

Since I was first nominated early last year as Labor’s candidate for Wentworth, I have appreciated very much our discussions on the domestic and international policy issues that are important to the ECAJ, the NSW JBD and those within the Jewish community more broadly.

I am grateful that these links have continued through the by-election, the NSW State election and now the Federal election, and trust we will continue to stay in touch regardless of the result on May 18.”

Dominic Wy Kanak (Greens)

The Australian Greens responses can be accessed here.

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